from 10 HP up to  1,000 HP


Python-Drive features:


     Double ended constant velocity drive shaft suitable for both Pleasure and High Performance applications.

     Eliminates the need for exact alignment of prop shaft to gearbox.

     Maintenance free thrust bearings.


Advantages of fitting a Python-Drive:


     The constant velocity drive shaft guarantees a constant prop shaft speed, even when angles are unequal.

     Propulsion thrust is isolated from the gearbox by being absorbed by the rubber mounting blocks.

     Not only is de Python-Drive robustly constructed, it is available in both Imperial and Metric dimensions, covering prop shafts from  (19.05 mm.) up to 4 (100 mm.).

     The thrust bearing units can be used as stand alone units, on request they can be machined to suit universal (cardan) shafts.

     Python-Drive constant velocity drive shafts are able to take torques of up to 1,500 kgm. (appr. 14.7 kNm.).

     Drive Shafts are available in different lengths and can be made to suit individual sizes.

     Supplied complete with all necessary studs, bolts, washers, gearbox flange and accompanied by an easily understood installation manual.